Aromatherapy in Hospitals

More than 400 small pilot studies have been held because of the CCAP course and these have led to hospitals accepting aromatherapy as part of holistic nursing care. Please click here for some of the hospitals that have sponsored the course, or who currently use clinical aromatherapy.

Special mention should be given to Texas Harris Methodist Fort Worth, TX (THMFW) who has continued to sponsor courses as well as sponsoring two instructor courses. THMFW was featured on CBS news in 2008 for their pioneering work with aromatherapy in high risk pregnancy patients. Mention should also be give to Aurora WI, who have supported and sponsored clinical aromatherapy for several years, and to Alegent Health, Omaha, NE, who sponsored 20 of their nurses through the clinical aromatherapy program. Mention should also be given to Boston Medical Center, MA who are currently one of several hospitals hosting the CCAP training. These are just a few examples out of many. Thank you to all those who have helped open the doors. We could not have done this without you.

Clinical aromatherapy can create a more holistic environment, increase patient satisfaction, empower nurses, reduce infection and even reduce drug bills.

Harris Hospital, Fort Worth TX


Aurora St Lukes Medical Milwaukee

Hospital Boston Medical Center


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