'M' Technique® Course for Hospitals (Hand & Foot Course)

This new 4 hour course covers the hand and foot ‘M’ technique® only and has been created due to popular demand. This course will show you how to relax someone in about 5 minutes – whether he or she is fragile, critically ill or just stressed out. The course is suitable for nurses and health professionals or volunteers and relatives wanting to de-stress a loved one.

This is a practical class working mainly in pairs. The theory and background of the ‘M’ Technique® is given, plus a discussion of research and case studies. However, the majority of the course is experiential. Students will be expected to be competent in both the hand and the foot 'M' Technique by the end of the 4 hours and to correctly complete a short multiple-choice test. 4 Continuing Education Contact Hours are available for Nurses and Massage Therapists following this course.

Please feel free to use the hand and foot 'M' Technique whenever you feel appropriate. However, only RJBA Instructors may teach the 'M' Technique Programs. Please click here to view a list of qualified Instructors.

Everyone has 5 minutes. Make them ‘M’ Minutes!

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