'M' Technique® Course for Hospitals Details

To teach nurses and other health providers a brief technique of touch for frail and critically ill patients as well as healthy individuals of all ages. The 'M' Technique can be used on people of all ages for stress management, pain control, and reassurance.

At the end of this course students will be able to:
Discuss the differences between various touch modalities used in healthcare settings
Demonstrate the hand and foot ‘M’ Technique without prompting

The ‘M’ Technique empowers nurses to use touch for comfort and care and to promote healing in any setting from critical care to home health to hospice and wellness clinics.

The course is open to nurses and other health providers as well as non-health professionals such as hospice volunteers, patient advocates or patient ambassadors. It is also open to relatives and friends of patients who may be critically ill or very fragile.

demonstration of M Technique for hands

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