Aromatherapy for Hospital Course

While the CCAP course is still running successfully in many Sates and is being funded by several hospitals, I was asked to create a short course in clinical aromatherapy - one that would enable nursing staff, and other medical personnel, to use a limited range of essential oils in a safe and effective manner within a hospital setting and could be taught quickly. After several conference calls with my instructors, the new Clinical Aromatherapy for Hospitals Course (CAH) was created. There has been great interest in this program from hospitals wanting to ‘dip their toe’ into the clinical aromatherapy world without committing themselves to the much longer CCAP course. It is anticipated that hospitals will see the benefits of clinical aromatherapy and follow the new short course (12 hours) withe the CCAP program (250 hours) for a selected number of their staff.




Aurora Wisconsin Hospital



Ingham Medical

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