Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing

I wrote my first book, Clinical Aromatherapy in Nursing in 1995. Published in 1997, it led the way for some new thinking about nursing. Dr Barbara Dossey, herself a pioneer and leading author in holistic nursing, wrote “this book is a hallmark for holistic nursing”. My aim was to change the face of nursing and I think, in some very small way, I have achieved that. My 2nd book, Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Practice, published in 2003, expanded the vision. Reprinted 10 time, the book opened many doors for those wanting to use aromatherapy as a legitimate complement to holistic nursing care. The development of Nursing Diagnosis in 1985 gave nurses a template and a language to use aromatherapy to improve comfort, reduce anxiety, fatigue, grief, infection and pain. Clinical aromatherapy empowers nurses to use the art as well as the science of aromatherapy to nurture their patients, and in the process to nurture themselves. Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare is the 3rd in the trilogy and will be my last book. Published in December 2014, it strives to put clinical aromatherapy into healthcare. This is the first totally peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical aromatherapy text and I am very grateful to the reviewers of each chapter for their time and encouragement.  The book contains a great deal of new information. I have also included tables of some of the studies completed by my students in each chapter, as well as published research.
Thank you AHNA for being the first to believe in my vision. Thank you, CCAP instructors for helping me spread the word. It is thanks to you that nurses, doctors and hospitals are now using clinical aromatherapy.




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