Research into Aromatherapy

There is new research into the clinical use of essential oils emerging all the time and it would not be possible to list it all on this website. However, there are many on-line databases, such as Medline, that will enable you to search. It is best to use the botanical name of the plant rather than 'aromatherapy'.

One of the requirements of the CCAP course is to complete a small research project. Some students carry out ambitious hospital-based studies that require IRB (Internal Review Board) approval. Others complete more modest, but still interesting, studies on family and friends exploring the effects of clinical aromatherapy on insomnia, menopausal symptoms, gender preference, memory enhancement, nausea and so on. I read and critique every study myself and I think that more than 50% are suitable for publication. However, very few students actually follow this path! Getting published in a peer-reviewed journal is hard work. The best paper is not written, it is rewritten. But unless your work is out there for the world to read, what you have done will have minimal impact. I am reviewer for NIH and NHS and I know that the best research in the world has often started in a very modest way. Go on. Have a try! Sometimes, a meticulously observed and documented case-study will be accepted for publication.
—Dr Jane Buckle PhD, MA, RN, Cert Ed





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