How to Become a CCAP Certified Instructor

If you are reading this page, clearly you have the enthusiasm to be part of our hand-picked team! The instructor training takes 3 days and is held about every three years. We try to alternate between the East and the West coast. Would-be instructors approach their own instructor towards the end of their training and ask to be recommended. The recommendation depends on the student course-work (33 case-studies), class involvement and the research project the student presents for part of the certification exam. Their instructor then makes an official recommendation to Dr Jane Buckle in London. She makes the ultimate decision following discussion with the instructor and scrutiny of the student’s certification examination. Location does play some part. We would prefer not to have too many instructors in the same State. For more information, ask your instructor. At the instructor training, you will be asked to sign a contract with RJ Buckle Associates. The contract lasts for 3 years.

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