CCAP Course Purpose

To know how to use thirty-three essential oils effectively and safely in clinical practice

Course Objectives

1. Use 33 essential oils safely and effectively
2. Use aromatherapy clinically
3. Use essential oils to enhance treatment of chronic conditions
4. Evaluate the role of essential oils in infection
5. Use aromatherapy in stress, AIDS/HIV, women’s health, oncology, critical care, palliative care, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, slow wound healing, sinusitis and skin problems
6. Write protocols and policies for integrating aromatherapy into practice
7. Demonstrate a hand ‘M’ Technique®
8. Play an active role in multi-disciplinary health teams
9. Carry out a small research project and present the findings
10. Successfully complete the three-part externally- administered Examination for Certification (33 case-studies, research project and written exam paper).

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