CCAP Course Details


The course comprises four modules, each one over two days, usually a weekend. The weekends are spread out over 12 months. Each module is 9 am - 6 pm making up 68 taught hours plus 182 hours of student effort. In special circumstances a missed module can be made up by arrangement with the instructor. The modules must be taken in consecutive order.

Homework & Exam

There is homework in the form of 33 case studies, one for each essential oil covered. These need to be completed between modules and presented in class. They give the student an ongoing practical experience of using essential oils in a clinical way.

The exam is in 2 parts – a written closed book test and presentation of a small research project – both parts are externally assessed.


Certification as a Clinical Aromatherapy Certified Practitioner (CCAP) is awarded after completion of 33 case studies and successful testing.




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