History of the 'M' Technique® 

The ‘M’ Technique has been taught in the USA since the early 1990s as part of Aromatherapy for Health Professionals. This clinically based program has been taught in almost every State in the USA and is one of the most respected trainings in clinical aromatherapy. A separate ‘M’ Technique training was created in 2001 due to popular demand and was taught for nursing credit at University of Minnesota in 2001. The ‘M’ Technique course is taught in the USA by a team of 30 certified RJBA instructors.

The first 'M' Technique training course was held in the UK in 2004. There are now 10 RJBA certified instructors in the UK. The first course was held in The Netherlands in 2007. There are now 6 RJBA certified instructors in The Netherlands. There is also one instructor in South Africa.

Introductory classes in the ‘M’ Technique have been held in Korea, Japan and Australia.

A professionally made 1.5 hour ‘how to’ DVD is available for students taking the course, and for others who just want to know what it is. A further Hand & Foot ‘M’ Technique DVD is also available.







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