Foundations in Clinical Aromatherapy (Home Course) Includes:

The pack includes:

•  Ring-binder containing over 200 pages of evidence-backed, clinically relevant, research-backed printed information with full-color illustrations
•  Matching CD
•  Audio CD for help with pronunciation of botanical names and chemistry
•  15 essential oils (5 ml samples)
•  Professional smell strips

The Ring binder and CDs are mailed directly from the fulfillment agency in PA. The Essential Oils are mailed directly from the essential oils Distributor in TN.

A multiple-choice exam plus the format for the required five case studies on five individual oils, plus an evaluation form will be emailed to you when you are ready to complete them. The pass mark for the multiple-choice exam is 70%.

The cost is $650 with free shipping.

pouring essential oil




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