'M' Technique® Practitioner Course Objectives

Objectives:  At the end of this course students will be able to:
  • Discuss the difference between various touch modalities used in healthcare settings.
  • Demonstrate hand and foot 'M' Technique
  • Demonstrate ‘M’ Technique on face and head
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique on arm and leg
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique on back
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique on stomach
  • Demonstrate ‘M’ Technique on back of legs
  • Demonstrate full body 'M' Technique in proper sequence
  • Review 'M' Technique
  • Demonstrate 'M' Technique practical
  • Document the use of the 'M' Technique
  • Complete multiple-choice test
  • Complete a course evaluation

A Certificate of Attendance is given to everyone. However, only health professionals such as nurses and doctors (or others that have a license to touch in their State such as massage therapists) can become ‘M’ Technique Practitioners. 

For ‘M’ Technique Practitioner certification, health professionals must attend all portions of both days and show competency by demonstrating the correct strokes. They will be required to complete a course evaluation and achieve a 75% or higher score on the multiple-choice test. They will also be required to practice the strokes while watching the ‘how to’ DVD at least 3 times before they complete and submit 2 case-studies in a set format within 6 months to their instructor. Once the case studies have been submitted, the student will be sent a Practitioner certificate plus a certificate with contact hours for nurses or massage therapists. Attendance will be verified with sign in sheets for attendance each day and by collecting evaluation forms at the end of the activity.


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