'M' Technique® Pediatric Research in USA

In 2003, a small pilot study (n=10) was carried out in the pediatric unit at Texas Harris Methodist Medical Centre, Fort Worth, TX. The 'M' Technique was used on babies following circumcision. 10 randomly selected babies (34-36 gestation) who were in the NIC unit were randomly assigned to receive a) ‘M’ Technique plus conventional treatment, or b) conventional treatment and no ‘M’ Technique. Measuring tools were cardio-respiratory monitor, blood pressure monitor, O2 saturation, plus a neonatal infant pain scale. The intervention was carried out by an ICU RN trained in the ‘M’ Technique and was carried out 2 hours after circumcision. The babies who received the 'M' appeared to be in less pain than the control group and had increased O2 sats. In the ‘M’ group (n=6), 3 babies had 5% increase in O2. Two babies had 20-50% decrease in NIPS pain scale. In the control group (n=4) all babies had increased heart rate and their pain scale increased. The pilot study was followed in 2006-2008 with a randomized, controlled trial, which has just been completed.  Results replicated the original findings – reduction of pain in infants. Findings will be presented at a nursing conference in 2010 with publication to follow.









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