Research into the 'M' Technique® 

We have completed three randomized, controlled studies (Netherlands and USA) that are in the process of being written up for publication. For Pediatric Research in The Netherlands please click here and for Research in USA please click here. We have published a clinical study looking at the effects of the ‘M’ Technique on the brain compared to conventional massage using SPECT imaging (2008) Please click here.

Small Pilot studies: Beth Israel Hospice, New York, Scranton Hospice, Pennsylvania PA and Harris Methodist hospice, Fort Worth, Texas) found the hand ‘M’ Technique reduced terminal agitation. Another study at Banner Desert Medical Centre, Mesa, Arizona found the hand ‘M’ technique reduced anxiety and speeded delivery for women in labor. Lori Mitchell, a critical care nurse in Kalispell Hospital, Kalispell, Montana found the hand ‘M’ Technique calmed patients in ICU prior to extubation. Other nurses found the ‘M’ Technique enabled patients with multiple sclerosis to relax (ventilator-dependant).

Case-studies: We have many, many case-studies and testimonials from patients, patients’ relatives and medical/nursing staff saying what an enormous difference the ‘M’ Technique has made. Eg: sitters have found the ‘M’ Technique enabled patients to relax prior to invasive medical procedures.

—Dr Jane Buckle PhD, MA, RN, Cert Ed



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