CCAP:  Course Content

Module I
Introduces the core concepts of clinical aromatherapy using touch and smell, emphasizing its place within the history of medical therapies, plus different clinical application methods, safety, and basic plant taxonomy. Nine essential oils are covered with evidence-based, research-backed material. Details on how to take a clinical case-study & generic consent forms. Introduction to The 'M' Technique® on the hand.

Module 2

Outlines the chemistry and main functional groups found in essential oils, the aromatogram and essential oils in infection. Also covered is biosynthesis and special carrier oils. Eight new essential oils.

Module 3

Emphasizes key concepts in the clinical use of essential oils and their potential use within a health care framework with specific reference to stress and psychoneuroimmunology. Group tutorials on research projects. Eight new essential oils.

Module 4

A review of all essential oils covered in the course with special reference to inflammation, pain, insomnia, cancer, AIDS & women's health : supporting case-histories & research data. Protocols and policies. Research project catch up. Oral presentation guidelines. Exam prep. Eight new essential oils.

33 Essential oils are covered in the course, click here for list, plus specialized carrier oils, floral waters and infused oils.




Common thyme

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