Testimonials for the Aromatherapy Taught CCAP Course

"The importance of aromatherapy and/or touch in healing needs to be told as many ways as possible. Years ago a librarian Kathy and I (a plain ICU nurse) joined forces to encourage the managers of our hospital to start a Jane Buckle Class. That class changed my life. You are an inspiration. Thank you."
—Bev Bivens BSN. Banner Desert Hospital, Mesa, AZ.

"This course enabled me to change our patient care into something much more holistic. For example, now we use palma rosa 1 gtt in 500 cc water for mouth care all the time. The patients love the way it breaks up the mucus dried to their tongues, and the nurses love the way we can do something for our patients that is kinder than conventional mouth care, is effective and smells so nice. Thank you for a fantastic course. It has changed the way I do things." —Betty Surette BSN. St Clares, Hospital, Dover, NJ.

Testimonials for the Aromatherapy Home Study Course

"This home study course is a great foray into clinical aromatherapy. The information is evidence-based and also draws on the extensive knowledge of Dr. Buckle. This course has enhanced my nursing practice in more ways than I can count!" —M. Grimley, MSN, RN; USAF.

"I truely feel I have received an excellent education with your Clinical Aromatherapy home study program. It was the most in-depth aromatherapy home study course I have ever seen and it has a clear clinical focus. The CDs and workbooks covered the clinical use of the 15 esential oils used, in depth and detail, and now I feel comfortable and safe to use these oils on my patients, many of whom are seriously ill with cancer.Thank you Dr Buckle for putting 'your all' into this course. I highly recommend it to nurses and massage therapists - or anyone in the medical field, wanting to add aromatherapy to their practice". - Toni Kline. RN. MSN. LMT. Cleveland, OH.


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