The 'M' Technique® in Hospitals in the USA

The 'M' Technique is accepted as part of holistic nursing training in many hospitals such as The Valley Hospital NJ, Alegent Healthcare SD, VANJ Healthcare System, NJ and Texas Health Harris Methodist, TX. Over 3,000 people have learned the 'M' Technique.

The 'M' Technique is part of holistic nursing because it puts care back into healthcare by giving nurses a technique to use for comfort and care and to promote healing.  This technique requires the nurse to be wholly present and it treats the entire person with touch and focus.  The 'M' Technique can be used on people of all ages with any health challenges and in any nursing setting. An anesthesiologist in AZ found that when he used the 'M' Technique on his patients it calmed them, reduced the amount of anesthetic required.

The Valley Hospital Nursing Leadership Team and Direct Care staff support the use of the 'M' Technique in our patient care as we find the M Technqiue enhances our quality of  care and allows anxious patients of all ages to relax. To date, we have trained 600 nurses and patient care associates in the hand or full body 'M' Technique and 12 nurses as M Technique Instructors. Patient feedback is consistently high regarding the positive effects of the M Technique on rest and sleep - so vital for healing." Mary Jo Assi MS, RN, APN, AHN-BC. Director Advanced Nursing Practice, The Valley Hospital, Ridgweood, NJ.


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