Fusion AromaTherapy in Oncology

(3 day course)

March 13-15, 2020

Fort Worth, Texas (USA)

Course:  $750.00 (USD)

Registrations closes MONDAY, March 9, 2020.


Fusion AromaTherapy in Oncology:

Friday, March 13


Sunday, March 15, 2020 
9a - 5p each day

Madeleine Kerkhof


Kicozo's classes are always a combined and holistic approach to health and sickness. We look at the standard medical, nursing and therapeutical care, as much as the complementary approach. We also give background information on symptoms, and the occurrence of side effects of treatment, such as pain, nausea, oral infections and pain, skin and nail issues, etc.


Of course, a large proportion of this course is devoted to help empower patients and their loved ones who often suffer from anxiety and worries, sleeplessness, being in an emotional and spiritual rollercoaster and feelings of grief and loss of control.


3-day in-class with Madeleine Kerkhof (Netherlands)


The course is presented by Madeleine Kerkhof, Kicozo, Netherlands 

and hosted by R.J. Buckle Associates, LLC.

A compact yet in-depth course on how to add extra quality of life to those on their cancer journey and their loved ones for:

  • The professional in health care, already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy
  • Those looking for specialist knowledge on Aromatherapy in cancer care
  • Those keen on adding quality of care, of life to patients and loved ones
  • Those looking for the ideal combination of state-of-the-art knowledge, discussing cases and gaining practical skills
  • Those willing to give themselves and their clients / patients this gift of intensive studies that will contribute to their practise
  • Those eager to learn from one of the world's leading aromatherapy educators in her fields of expertise Madeleine Kerkhof

This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your care for patients in oncology, to help improve quality of life significantly during their journey, help relieve symptoms of the illness and side effects of treatment, support their coping skills and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

You will learn about the science behind essential oils and base oils, and also how important CO2 extracts can be in the treatment of certain symptoms. You will be able to use high quality oils and base products and make your own blend(s). We also discuss, experience and/or practise massage and AquaCare, and/or Guided Imagery - accompanied by scents even further.


March 13-15, 2020  (TIME: 9 am – 5 pm, all modules )


Course:  $750.00 (USD)

Registration closes Monday, March 9, 2020.


Full refund will be issued if the course is cancelled by speaker or R.J. Buckle Associates. There are no refunds if student cancels.

Questions???  Contact Carol Scheidel at info@rjbuckle.com 

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