Emelie van Oeveren

After working in maternity care for 5 years, I started my job as a care-assistant on the Intensive Care Unit of the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam. In July 2008 I trained in the ‘M’ Technique course. Shortly after I received my certificate, I realised that our ICU patients really enjoy this way of tender care very much. It is a loving way to help them relax and feel less scared of a strange environment.

In July 2009 I completed the ‘M’ Technique® instructor course. And in February 2010 I trained my first group of ICU colleagues in the ‘M’ Technique®, teaching with my fellow instructors Lia van Burgh and Marjan de Jong.

In September 2010, I relocated to another building; the children’s hospice “Pallieterburght”;  where our ICU patients go for a while, on their way home. In this fabulous homelike environment I have more time and attention to teach parents to give the ‘M’ Technique to their child. In the meantime I started my own practice at home. This winter (2010) I hope to start a Training School with Lia van Burgh, where we can teach the ‘M’ Technique® to nurses and caretakers from all over Holland.  For more details please email me at one of the emails below. Please also see my website. I look forward to bringing the ‘M’ Technique® into your life.




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