Lia van Burgh

Lia van Burgh

Lia van Burgh

I started working as a nurse in 1989. I’ve been working since 1994 on the Intensive Care unit of the Sophia Children Hospital in Rotterdam.

I’ve followed several courses and studies during my career as a nurse. The last ten years I became more interested in complementary care. In 2000 I finished a Shantala baby massage practitioner’s course. After this I followed some aromatherapy, reflexology and massage workshops and Reiki I.

I’ve experienced that I can’t use Shantala baby massage and other massage techniques on the very sick children on my ward. These techniques are much too hard handed.

In July 2008 I followed the 'M' Technique course. This technique is very suitable for my patients. I practice this technique at my work and teach parents who want this to 'M' the hands and arms and feet and legs of their children.

In June 2009 I finished an aromatherapy education so I can combine aromatherapy with the “M” Technique.

In July 2009 I completed the 'M' Technique instructor course. And I hope to be able to train some of my colleagues in this technique.

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Lia van Burgh
Pijnacker, The Netherlands

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