Gigi Wong

Gigi Wong is currently an Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Instructor at Hong Kong Federation of Aromatherapists.  Prior to that, she worked as a rehabilitation specialist for over 15 years. Gigi began to get interested in Aromatherapy in 2003 and obtained her Holistic Aromatherapy Diploma from London School of Aromatherapy, UK in 2005.  Since then, Gigi has devoted a significant amount of time to the education and training of aromatherapists in Hong Kong as well as promoting Aromatherapy.

In 2015, Gigi was introduced to the 'M' Technique® which she believes is extremely beneficial to elderly people and children with special medical needs.  It has significant ‘quality of life’ benefits for people with terminal illness.

Gigi was made qualified as the 'M' Technique® Instructor in 2017.

Gigi is also a Registered PEOT Principal Teacher, Registered Aromatherapy Principal Teacher and Full Member of The International Federation of Aromatherapists, UK; National Aromatherapy Vocational Trainer, National Aromatherapy Specialist Examiner and Rehabilitation Therapy Teacher of CETTIC, MOLSS, PRC; National Occupational Qualification of Massage (Technician Level) of MOLSS, PRC and Indian Champissage™ Therapist (L.C.I.C.I.) UK.

Gigi has undertaken additional therapy education on Spa Treatments with a Diploma from The International Therapists Examinations Council UK in 2006, Advanced Course for Care with The Elders from University of Hong Kong in 2002, Pregnancy Massage and Thai Yoga Massage in 2015,  Crystal Healing in 2016.

Gigi is enthusiastic to introduce and promote 'M' Technique® in Hong Kong to help those who are suffering in pain or struggling with anxiety depression and stress, and also for those who are critically ill.

Please contact Gigi at if you would like to find out more about 'M' Technique® in Hong Kong.

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