Choose from Two 'M' Technique® DVDs

Full body 'M' Technique DVDFull body 'M' Technique® DVD: Filmed in the USA nearly 12 years ago, this instructional DVD is still current and shows you all the 'M' Technique® movements. The professionally made DVD takes you step-by-step through a full-body 'M' Technique®. It is an excellent starting point and a useful companion for those who have attended the 2-day course and are practicing for their certification. It is also useful for massage therapists wanting to extend their practice to the very fragile and for those looking after a loved one at home.
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Hand and Foot 'M' Technique DVD

Hand & Foot 'M' Technique DVD: DVD was filmed in a UK hospice in 2009. The DVD concentrates on the hand and foot 'M' Technique®. Each sequence is shown twice and there is commentary from Dr. Jane Buckle on how and why the 'M' Technique® was made, an overview of current research and testimonials about the 'M' Technique® from nurses and staff working at St. Michael’s Hospice, Hereford, UK. A percentage of the net profits will be given to St. Michael’s Hospice. This is useful for lay people and those not wanting to take the practitioner course. $50 including free shipping in USA & UK

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