'M' Technique® in the U.K. and International

Learning The 'M' Technique

Learning The 'M' Technique

The 'M' Technique


The 'M' Technique® is taught in the following countries:


Hong Kong


The Netherlands


South Africa

United Kingdom

United States of America


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Anyone can learn the ‘M’ Technique® – it is suitable for caregivers, family members, volunteers, patient ambassadors and friends as well as nurses, massage therapists and other health professionals.

The ‘M’ Technique® is different from massage – it is more like a choreographed dance. Each simple sequence is done a set number of times at a set pressure. The full body ‘M’ Technique® (practitioner course) can be learned in 2 days – usually over a weekend. The  ‘M’ Technique® for Hospital course takes just 4 hours. Each course is taught by a certified RJ Buckle instructor.


'M' Technique® Approval and Continuing Educational Credit: UK

The The ‘M’ Technique® course is accredited by FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists), CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) and IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) for CPD credit and is insured by Balens Ltd.

UK Insurance:

In the UK, Balens covers insurance for the ‘M’ Technique® as from May 2008. Click here for more information.


'M' Technique® Approval and Continuing Educational Credit: USA

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‘M’ Technique Practitioner certification‘M’ Technique Practitioner certification


"The ‘M’ Technique® is much lighter and more soothing than conventional massage. Patients relax quickly and deeply." —Sara Percival RN. St Helena’s Hospice, Colchester

"The ‘M’ Technique® seems like a hypnotic-like dance and I feel invigorated and nourished." —Fea Templeton, Massage Therapist, London

"The ‘M’ Technique® enabled me to do something lovely and soothing for my mother at the end of her life." —J Smith, London

"I use the 'M' Technique® in palliative and terminal care and I have found the effects to be magical. It is also very relaxing for the giver." —Amanda Richardson, RGN. Community Nurse, Bristol, UK

"I feel this is a valuable tool to be used within the health profession. I was overwhelmed with the immediate positive effects of the 'M' Technique®." —Keris Roberts, Senior Healthcare Assistant, Worcester Hospice

Worcester Hospice testimonial

"The 'M' Technique® comforts a loved one in all aspects of chronic illness, conveying a message of deep peace and hope, while empowering the giver. It calms the pain and stills the soul." —Hillary R Tenzing Tooth, Aromatherapist. Scotland

"I use the 'M' Technique® to relax and comfort babies and young children in our Intensive Care. It is a very valuable and helpful tool." —Marjan de Jong, RGN.Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Sophia Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"My clients find the 'M' Technique® to be utter relaxation.  It allows them to melt into submission, allowing their mind to unwind and let go of inner turmoil.  After each treatment they feel rested yet refreshed, with the ability to think clearly and therefore deal with whatever life throws at them." —Michelle Farnsworth, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Colchester, Essex

"At the hospice, we have found that using the 'M' Technique® has allowed us to contribute an additional positive health care experience to the end of life care that we offer to our patients and their families." —Kim Dolman,Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator, The Myton Hospices, Warwickshire

"The 'M' Technique® allows me to deliver care that is compassionate and healing. It is a superb tool to use in Critical Care nursing, often allowing a patient to achieve a deep relaxation not possible by other means." —Lori Mitchell, BSN. Critical Care, Kalispell, Montana, USA

"The 'M' Technique® is like a wonderful choreographed dance – a dance that combines mind, body and spirit." —Maria Mazzer, RN, HN-BC, The Valley Hospital, New Jersey, USA

"The 'M' Technique® is easy and effective and especially great for stress. I highly recommend it’s use by all health care professionals." —Woodson Merrill MD. Director, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, USA

"The 'M' Technique® reflects the very heart of patient care and enhances the quality of caring at a profound level." —Linda Scaz, PhD RN. Director, Mercy Hospice, Scranton, PA, USA

"The 'M' Technique® is one of the best stress-relieving gifts a non-professional can give another. This is a true gift is that the 'M' Technique® can be used by anyone on family members or friends. Anyone can offer this gift." —Marge Clarke, Madison, Tennessee, USA

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